About our company

About our company

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Hashtag Cloud Pvt Ltd is a software company  that you simply can trust for quality and reliability.

We have been delivering top-quality, versatile and cost effective seaward programming advancement and web answers for an overall client base with full polished skill, ability, and mastery to welcome a grin on countenances of our clients by giving the best ROI to them in time.

When we work for you we make sure that your objectives and goals are in our top need. We plan, create and execute every one of our undertakings with reasonableness and flawlessness. Our group of experts will give you everything expected to make a fruitful outcome  delivered to you. At the point when you work with us, your objectives and targets are in the hands of specialists who will help you plan, create and execute your ideas impeccably.

With an emphasis on giving a premium web-based software and mobile application development services. We are taking a shot at all the stages and are forward-thinking on the most recent innovation that will outperform your desires.


Basically, our main goal is to comprehend and address the necessities of our customers through an all encompassing methodology based on three 'Ts' – Trust, Teamwork and Technology. We exist to make our customers' life simple, with the coordination of the most proper innovation and individuals. Our point is to remain who we are at the center while pushing our cutoff points to make customers and along these lines end clients glad.


We accept that if it's not extraordinary, it's not worth an attempt. Which is all well and good, we continually advance to make arrangements that line up with our customers' qualities that improve the manner in which they work together. We go that additional mile to produce the most interesting and trendsetting strategic approaches that empower us to stay a trustful software and mobile application service provider and leave that enduring foot-mark on the worldwide business.


Our objective is to give top-class software development and related counseling and business process outsourcing services utilizing cutting-edge advances, robust development tools and client-oriented approaches.

Our goal is to characterize another element of value in Premium software and mobile app development, IT related counseling, IT and business process re-appropriating administrations. In straightforward words, the objective of Hashtag Cloud is the all out fulfillment of its clients.


How we work at Hashtagcloud ?

Hashtag Cloud will employ its proven Software Development Life Cycle methodologies to execute this project. The core capabilities of this model are

  • Continuous stream of design artefacts
  • Phased delivery of software; one for each iteration
  • Development lifecycle made up of multiple iterations and sequenced increments
  • Each iteration has one or more increments 
  • Each increment results in software construction that extends the capability of the system.
  • Iteration will refine the capability of the system.

In this methodology, the project is divided into multiple development iterations. Development iteration consists of three main phases: 

Elaboration, Construction and Testing.

In the Project, the elaboration phase consists of preparing detailed use cases,  design, What-if-analysis and Modelling, the construction phase consists of development, unit and integration testing. The Testing phase consists of system testing and stress testing.

On completion of iteration, a software delivery will be made to the Client for acceptance testing. Hashtag Cloud has proposed 3 iterations for this project.


Project Implementation Phases :

Phases Activites Deliverables

1. Perform Requirement Analysis

2. Prepare detailed design document
High Level Design (HLD)documents

1. Prepare wireframe

2. Design home screen and inner     screens design

3. Code the system as per design

4. Unit test & fix bugs

5. Perform integration and regression




Design Links (images)


Unit Tested code (integrated)


  • System Trading
  • Stress Testing

1. Test the applications as per the test

plan for the available environments

2. Identify and fix bugs


1. Install the software in the stress test


2. Perform stress testing

3. Fix issues related to stress testing

• System Tested Code

• Release Notes


• Stress Tested Code


1. Package and deliver to production environment

2. Post Go-Live support

Warranty 1. Support for software fixes  

What Makes Hashtagcloud Different?

Hashtagcloud members working in Hashtagcloud is more than 235 Years. We always try to merge those 235 years of experience to deliver the real need of our clients at specified timeline. Bidhee doesn’t only develops a software according to requirement of a Client but BHashtagcloud always tries to sync the software requirement with the feasibility of business or objective of developing the software. Hashtagcloud is also concerned about upgradation of software like that of expansion strategy of a business, thus Hashtagcloud team always provide best consultation service as add-ons to let client re-clarify their real requirement that would fit their business